Best 5 practices to improve your site’s ranking (SEO)

Best 5 practices to improve your site’s ranking (SEO)

For any website or content to rank at number one, SEO-friendly content writers play an impeccable role as they help businesses to grow without adding any outside cost. When content is SEO friendly, it doesn’t mean it needs to be stuffed with keywords, whereas it enables search engines to present it to the audience as no one would ever be able to read it if they don’t find it in the first place.

Though creating SEO-friendly content is nowhere a hard science, but it does require gallons of extra effort and determination to be on the top. Below we have listed tried and tested practices that content creators consider while creating well-optimized SEO-friendly content that appears on the first page and attracts more and more clicks with every passing minute. 

Here are the best 5 practices to improve your site’s ranking (SEO) 

  • Publish Quality Content 

The first and foremost step towards improving your site’s ranking is to create and publish quality content. For any business or brand, content is a key driver that generates demands and attracts maximum leads who spend their precious time on your website or social media handles and decides the next move. 

Imagine, why would anyone spend even their 30 seconds if your content lacks quality? Well, we wouldn’t, and nor should you. Quality content is specifically created to boost your site’s traffic which ultimately improves your site’s relevance. 

  • The Wise Use Of Keywords 

In order to enhance the readability of the content, the content creator is responsible for creating the well-researched keywords throughout the text in a way that they don’t feel “unnecessary” and look natural. 

Think about your users and try to land directly in their minds to analyze what possible keywords they might search. For example, for this particular content, “How to improve your site rankings?” or “What is search engine optimization (SEO).” Apart from this, there are certain keyword planning tools such as Ahrefs or Solve that do a pretty decent job. These small steps play a vital role in accomplishing your brand’s mission. 

  • Regular Content Updation 

Another crucial factor that deeply affects your SEO ranking is to update your content regularly so that it doesn’t lose its charm and remains evergreen between the newcomers. Every day thousands and millions of content releases, there’s a high possibility that your content gets unnoticed in the horde. 

Regular updation of content is believed to be one of the best practices to maintain the site’s relevancy that significantly improves your site’s ranking without putting in much effort. Audit your content on a pre-set schedule, add additional information, and change the statistics that give the reader a better picture to look at. 

  • Provide Links To Prior Content 

Before your content is ready to bring a subtle storm in the reader’s mind, it needs appropriate links. Providing internal and external backlinks adds value to the content as a result, search engines rank them higher and sometimes even on the top. This enables your target audience to get familiar with your content and get the relevant information they were looking for. 

When you write multiple contents on similar nodes, it is always recommended to link with others in a post that multiples leads, improves your site’s credibility, and finally fulfills your traffic goals. 

  • Length Optimization 

Ask yourself, would you instead choose to indulge in a 3000 word article that perfectly answers your question or a 1000-1500 words content that does the same job, if not better? Earlier, lengthy content was on the priority by the search engine as it was believed the longer the content is, the better the writer must have weaved it together. 

Today, search engines prioritize quality content as they provide better and relevant answers to the readers that they are looking for. Hence, it is noticed that most traffic is on websites that don’t entertain content over 1000-1500 words. 

Final Thoughts 

Any business or brand that aims to strike success should believe in the power of content, and especially SEO-friendly content. There are websites that are well-structured but lag due to irrelevant content or lack of web writing skills. Thus, it is critical to choose your options wisely while choosing your content writing agency in India to deliver unmatched content quality. 

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